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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ABCs of Me

Instead of giving up coffee or Facebook for Lent, I've decided to add something to my life. I'm getting off my rump and actually blogging again. I miss writing. I think about writing all day. I even have a notebook of sketches and topics to polish. But somewhere between getting off work and curling up in bed, my writing drive disappears. 
So I'm committing to blogging for 40 days. The Culture of Cora is all about the things that interest and inspire me. Consider it a collage of self-discovery. :) And what better way to discover yourself (or introduce the readers) than a middle-school quiz? Enjoy!

Age:   24
Bed size:   twin
Chore you dislike:   vacuuming/dusting
Dogs:   Mr. Big, chihuahua
Essential start to your day:   hot shower
Favorite color:   kelly green or eggplant purple
Gold or silver:   gold
Height:   5'7"
Instruments you play(ed):   Piano, violin, French Horn, mellophone, and ukulele. All played   very poorly.
Job title: Certified pharmacy technician
Kids:    None
Live:   With my brother
Mom’s name:   Susan
Nicknames:    Co-wah!, The Old Foogie
Overnight hospital stays:   Too many to count.
Pet peeve:   People who are rude/unkind to their mothers... especially in public.
Quote from a movie:    Anything from 10 Things I Hate About You or Steel Magnolias
Righty or Lefty:   Right
Siblings:    Jody, younger brother
Time you wake up:    45 minutes before work
Underwear:    Always!
Vegetables you don’t like:    Okra
What makes you run late:    Everything? Brushing teeth, making coffee, dressing...anything. The more time I have, the more things I think I can accomplish.
X-Rays you’ve had:   CT scans for the nasal surgeries.
Yummy food you make:   Eggs in a basket.

Zoo animal favorite:    Kookaburra. Preferably when they're sitting in a tree...