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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Emotional Rollercoaster

So I had to stay home from work today to take care of my dad; he busted his knee at work and Mom had meetings she couldn't reschedule. Since I’m not getting paid and/or can do my research at home, I was elected as “Caregiver du Jour”.  

I’m not very motivated when working from home. I just couldn't focus on wills and joint tenancies and such...so I put my time to better use. I watched Doctor Who.

I finally saw “The Stolen Earth” and “Journey’s End”, the last episodes of Season 4! They’re also known as the beginning of the end of David Tennant’s era. I knew I needed complete concentration, minimum distractions, and privacy. This is serious television watching, people! I knew I was embarking on an emotional rollercoaster, but knowledge of the fact does not deter from the experience.
My mascara was not prepared for this...
You know when you were in middle school and you would get butterflies in your stomach when you saw your crush? You could literally feel this ball of happiness in your gut as it floated up to your throat. You’d get choked up and couldn’t breathe. Your heart started racing. You wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. The emotions you’re experiencing are so sad…yet, so exquisite. You just have to smile at the beautiful tragedy of it all.

Oh the emotions!!! You would have thought my dog had simultaneously died while Prince Harry was proposing marriage. If anyone had observed me during those glorious two and a half hours, they would have thought I'd lost my mind. Because of a television show.

Now, I’m not going to reveal any spoilers for those of you who haven’t seen “Journey’s End”. Even though I had a vague notion of what would happen (Wikipedia research), I can now appreciate my friends’ loyalty to David Tennant and Russell T. Davies. My first Doctor was Matt Smith and Stephen Moffat was the head writer when I started watching Who. So I’ve had a warped impression of who the Doctor is and who he should be
But I was wrong. And I'm sorry. I'm so sorry...
  • Amy is the coolest companion. Nope! Donna will kick Amy’s ass from Leadworth to Chiswick any day of the week. Amy needs sexy adventure and flirting. Donna just wanted to travel the stars and learn what's out there and experience life and become a better person. She didn't think she was anyone special, but she was SO wrong. And isn't that the best kind of companion? 
  • Eleven and River Song was the ultimate love story. False. Ten and Rose will forever and always be the most romantic story of all space and time. I can’t even count how many times Rose and/or the Doctor have their hearts broken. Eventually, Rose gets a version of a happy ending. The Doctor just...walks away. Heartbroken. And alone. Again.
  • Matt Smith is a sexy Doctor. Yeah right, no one thinks that. Matt is precious. He's funny. He's an awkward giraffe you just want to hug. Don't get me wrong, I'd jump him in a heartbeat. But I never thought "hmmm...he's the human version of something dipped in chocolate." Now David Tennant...my ovaries explode every time I see those dark soulful eyes...... 
...wait, I got distracted...what was I saying?!
Oh yeah...so now I understand why people love Ten and Donna and Rose so much. It's a full circle, and it starts with the first episode. You can't bypass a single moment because it all builds up to those two episodes. Excellent writing, Davies. Well done. 

Now...all I have is watch David Tennant's last specials and I'll be all caught up! I haven't decided if I'm excited or depressed...stay tuned.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Mix-tape Monday: As You Wish

"And wuv, tru wuv, will fowow you foweva..."
(If you don't recognize that quote, I'm putting you on a 10 minute friendship freeze.)

The past two weeks have been filled with love. I witnessed the marriage of two "for-lifers". I've spent time with awesome friends whom I love, and they love me in return. I've dissected the pros and cons of dating in today's world. And a dear friend lost the love of her life.

So yeah...LOVE has been the topic of conversation lately.

Love comes in all sorts of forms and produces all sorts of feelings in people. I'm naturally pretty gun-shy about expressing and experiencing love. I've threatened a couple of guys with a "punch in the wiener" if they used the L-word. Even with my best friends, people I would consider as my sisters, I don't throw the word around lightly. I think the most beautiful love stories are the ones when you love someone, you have to let them go; that's could explain why I love Atonement, The Way We WereJane Eyre and Mansfield Park.
(Do you see a trend here?)

Maybe it's the rainy weather or hormones or my uber-sweet white mocha latte..but I'm in a morose and unrequited love kind of mood. So here's one of my many heart-broken-but-happy-about-it playlists:

  • "In My Life" by The Beatles ~ Thank you, John Lennon, for penning the words to emotions I didn't know I needed to express.
  • "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" by Iron & Wine ~ If you can get over the Twilight association, it's a lovely song.
  • "Reflecting Light" by Sam Phillips ~ Sam Phillips did all the music for Gilmore Girls and, now, Bunheads. Her voice is one-of-a-kind; just listening to it takes me to a mellow, wonderful place. This is the song where Lorelei discovers "Luke can waltz". 
  • "Tim McGraw" by Taylor Swift ~ Love her or hate her, Taylor knows about having a broken heart. She lost her summer love, but she can still remember him and wish him the best.
  • "Mona Lisa" by Grant-Lee Phillips ~ Another Gilmore Girls shout-out, Grant-Lee played Star Hollow's troubadour. "Mona Lisa" is playing during the Firelight Festival in season 4.
  • "Don't Know Why" by Norah Jones ~ Norah Jones' voice makes me want to cuddle in a sweater with a big cup of coffee and Jane Austen novel while I watch the snow fall. What does this have to do with love? Well...
  • "Baby Blue Eyes" by A Rocket to the Moon ~ Yes, I've already mentioned this song. But you know what? It's that amazing! 
  • "Try a Little Tenderness" by Ottis Redding ~ When I think of pure and unadulterated love, I think of Duckie's dance in Pretty In PinkThis is love, people.
  • "When I'm Sixty Four" by The Beatles ~ If you didn't have your own Duckie at the age of sixteen, you can hope to find one by the time you're sixty-four. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ginger, please...

Did you know that I am surrounded by some of the most awesome people? On Earth? Ever?!

If my life were a television series (or a Dickens novel), you can imagine the supporting cast of characters that I interact with. How else to you think I come up with these stories? 'Cause let me tell you a secret...I can't make this stuff up. My imagination is good, but not that good.

For example..take this gem of a quote from my friend, Janet.

"You think you could pull off this outfit BETTER than me?!
Ginger, please!
You couldn't pull off a band-aid, let alone this outfit."

Janet was getting slack from a co-worker who...shall we say...does not share her slim physique and bold sense of style. But the co-worker thinks she does. It's an unspoken, running joke at Janet's office that her co-worker's wardrobe has much to be desired; her clothes are too young, obviously cheap knock-offs, and do nothing for her assets. Anytime Janet wears something new, the clueless co-worker speculates how the new jacket/shoes/etc will work in her wardrobe...

Janet, tired of the denial, finally snapped.

Janet also calls people "ginger" regardless of hair color. I'm not sure if this is intended as an insult to redheads or a Southern censorship-thing (like saying "fiddlesticks" or "shut the front door"). Poor gingers...they always get misunderstood...

Up and to your right, you'll notice the visual aid part of this presentation/blog-post. Someone brilliant (can't find the original citation on Pinterest) imagined if the Doctor and his companions had to trade their signature outfits. Obviously, Eleven got the short end of the skirt.
Do  you like what I did there? Wordplay. Nailed it.

[If you don't understand the Doctor Who reference, I feel sorry for you. Go to YouTube, search "Doctor Who", and watch everything that pops up. Or come back next week because I'm planning on documenting my obsession with a certain BBC show. It'll be a big blog of wibbly wobbly...time-y wimey...stuff.]

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

An Ode to Dresses (while wearing pants)

I wore a dress or skirt to work for seven days in a row. This is a new Cora-record!

No one would guess I was wearing superhero underwear...
I had a love-hate relationship with dresses throughout my life. For example, I wore a dress every single day in kindergarten. Then I flatly refused to wear anything but pants for the next 10 years (The only exception was wearing a dress to church. Because God shall smite women for wearing slacks. It’s the 11th Baptist Commandment).  By high school, I resigned myself to the fact that dresses were required for graduations, weddings, and the occasional funeral. Sorority events in college also demanded that I buy more than one little black dress.

Then I moved to Boston. My daily uniform (jeans, tank top, cardigan, Converse low-tops) just didn’t fit in. Girls layered their summer dresses and shorts with leggings in the fall. Walking through rain and snow is miserable when you’re wearing jeans because it takes forever to dry. And frankly, guys notice you more.

In an office setting, I find dresses to be comfortable, professional, and feminine. When networking, I was certainly noticed and approached more when wearing a black dress and beaded cardigan.  The Russian kept insisting that “pencil skirts are the epitome of feminine power in a male-dominated profession”.  (Umm…yeah, about that...I disagree. When I see a girl wearing a pencil skirt suit, my first thought is “Damn, I wish I was that skinny” followed by “I bet she’s a witch with a broom stuck up her bum.”) I do think that dressing a bit more feminine and delicate made me more approachable. The Southern accent certainly helped.

Twirling isn't half as fun in pants either.
In all honesty, my sudden pro-dress stance has more to do with my pro-sleep philosophy. Anything that gains another 15 minutes of sleep always gets my vote! A dress is an entire outfit...in ONE article of clothing! I don’t have to worry about matching shirts and pants! The only thing I have to coordinate is dress to shoes, which is simple because black or silver heels go with basically everything I own. And a wrinkled dress looks more put together than a pair of wrinkled pants and an unironed button-up shirt. Go figure.

Considering the forthcoming heat wave (102*F on Friday), wearing a dress certainly makes life a little more bearable and less sweaty.

The downside of wearing dresses to work…can’t prop my feet up on the desk. Something about being “unladylike”…whatever that means. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Mix-tape Monday: Why Aren't You My Boyfriend?

Whew! I haven't had a proper Cora-has-a-day-all-to-herself since I came back to Georgia. Every weekday is work and each weekend is packed with social events. We finally have a hearing tomorrow about my first case this summer; I have to turn in a petition for a motion for summary judgement first thing in the morning for Rich to review. I also had a jam packed weekend (which deserves its own blog later in the week) which left no time for contracts and short sales. 

In short, I deserve an afternoon of Doctor Who and wine and trolling Pinterest. 

My Timelord boyfriend just broke up with me via hologram...
Regardless, I am adamant to be more consistent with this blog. I really want to make Mix-tape Mondays a regular thing. Here's my playlist when I'm emotionally needy, but not quite desperate enough for an actual relationship...aka the "Why Aren't You My Boyfriend?" playlist. I've included the lyrics which I rewind over and over. Did I mention that I have a thing for sensitive singer-songwriters?
  • "Church Clothes" by Matt Nathanson ~ What I wear like church clothes / you wear just like jewelry / all the simple things you revel in / they just suffocate me
  • "Lost Myself in Search of You" by Matt Nathanson ~ And as you slipped away / I found myself lost in search of you
  • "Counting to 100" by Matt Wertz ~ So you go I hide / and I'll come seek / maybe someday in the middle / we just might meet
  • "Pretty Girl" by David Ryan Harris ~ You are the book that I want to read / in braille, cover to cover
  • "Somewhere Only We Know" by Keane ~  Oh simple thing where have you gone? / I'm getting old and I need something to rely on
  • "Work" by Jimmy Eat World ~ Work and play are never okay / to mix the way we do
  • "Tiny Dancer" by Ben Folds ~  Looking on she sings the songs / the words she knows, the tune she hums 
  • "Baby Blue Eyes" by A Rocket to the Moon ~  And I may feel like a fool / but I'm the only one dancing with you 
  • "Come On Get Higher" by Matt Nathanson ~ So come one get higher, loosen my lips / faith and desire and the sway of your hips
  • "Save Room" by John Legand ~  Just a little bit of love / is worth a moment of your time
  • "Her Morning Elegance" by Oren Lavie ~  And she fights for her life / as she puts on her coat . and sh fights for her life on the train 
  • "Do You Realize" by The Flaming Lips ~ Do you realize / that happiness makes you cry?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mix-tape Mondays: Songs About Chicks

One of my greatest talents, aside from making pancakes and organizing movie themed nights, is making mixed tapes. I have it on the highest authority that I make the best mixed tapes in the world. Now, I respectfully disagree with these esteemed critics; they are my friends and have been known to lie to me instead of crushing hopes and dreams on the jagged rocks of reality. Like when Mom told me I was a wonderful ballerina...and I believed her. Yeah...not bitter. At all.

I enjoy making mix-tapes for my friends and take it very seriously. I normally have a theme, be it lyrically or emotionally. I pay attention to BPM (beats per minutes) and make sure there's a transition between songs. I try to introduce the recipient to new artists and styles. 
You haven't heard of them? Let me make you a mix-tape
 of their acoustic shows and obscure B-side hits.

So here's my Songs About Chicks playlist. The main criteria is for A) the song to be about a female and B) her name must be in the title. 
  • "Hey Julie" by Fountains of Waynes ~ A white-collar, office cubical love song for Julie.
  • "Dakota" by A Rocket to the Moon ~ Dakota has this boy whipped and wrapped around her finger, and he has no clue why.
  • "Eleanor Rigby" by Aretha Franklin ~ Aretha gave this prim and proper Englishwoman a much needed dose of soul.
  • "Beth" by Mark Sallings ~ Beth's rock'n'roll boyfriend isn't even considerate enough to call when he's running late. [Yes, this is a Glee cover of a KISS song. Bite me. I still have good taste.]
  • "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson ~ Billie Jean is just looking for her baby's daddy.
  • "Me and Mrs. Jones" by Michael Buble ~ Mrs. Jones has thing going on...behind her husband's back.
  • "Annie" by James Blunt ~ I imagine Annie moonlights as a waitress in L.A. while waiting for her big break.
  • "If You See Kay" by The Script ~ Kay's boyfriend writes a song for his missing girlfriend instead of putting her picture on milk cartons.
  • "Brandy" by Looking Glass ~ A bartender pines for a sailor who loves the sea more.  
  • "Maggie May" by Rod Stewart ~ The upbeat tempo hides the fact that Maggie May is cougar who (possibly) kidnapped her lover. Very Humbert Humbert, if you ask me.
  • "Ruby Tuesday" by The Rolling Stones ~ I aspire to be as enigmatic as Ruby.
  • "Walk Away Renee" by Vonda Shepard ~ Renee is the ultimate subject of unrequited love. Check out the true story behind the lyrics here
  • "El Tango de Roxanne" by Ewan McGregor and Jose Feliciano ~ A song about a man in love with a hooker within another song about a man in love with a hooker within a movie about a man in love with a hooker. [Note: If you don't cry during Moulin Rouge when Christian is belting his heart out during this song, then you have no soul.]

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"You Outta Be in Pictures..."

Look out world, I got my sassy pants on today! After two frustrating and futile days of trolling LexisNexis and WestLaw, I found relevant law for my case! Huzzah!!! To celebrate, my mom and I are going to see that Tim Burton movie, Dark Shadows.

You may be wondering, "You're seeing a movie on a Wednesday night? Don't you have to be at work at 8am tomorrow?"
Yup, we're partying on a school night 'cause we're gansta like that.
"Isn't that movie a few weeks old?"
I like my movies like I like my wine...aged.
"Didn't you see that movie in Boston with your friend?"
What's your point? You pay cable to watch reruns, don't you?
"And you're seeing it with your mom?"
You obviously have not met Big Ma T.

Like most things in my life, I don't do movies like everybody else. I do things differently. My way often does not make sense. It may not even seem fun. But trust me, my rules make my life better. And it might make your life better too...so I'll share a few of my secrets. Just 'cause I'm gangsta like that.

Cora's Awesome (but nontraditional) Movie Rules

* Flying Solo - You don't have to wait for someone to get there or compromise about which movie to see. If you want to see that French documentary about mimes on Sunday at 4:30pm, you go on and have the time of your life.
* Never Go On Opening Weekend - All the tweens and prosti-tots get dropped off at the movie theatre on Friday and Saturday nights. The girls suddenly lose half their clothes once their parents are gone. The boys have bathed in Axe or some equally horrid body spray. They text and tweet and update their facebook statuses the entire movie. Tweens travel in packs, especially the girls, so you're not just dealing with one annoyance. You're dealing with a herd of hormones.
[The exception to the Opening Weekend rule is the midnight showing of truly amazing movies. But only if you dress up for the event]
* Unusual Timing - The best part about seeing a movie at 3pm on a school day? NO ONE ELSE IS THERE! I have seen movies where I'm the only person in the theatre. It was amazing. You can prop your feet up and no one cares. You can also sneak in better food when there are less snitches around.
* Bring Your Own Snacks - The only reason to pay $3 for Raisinettes is poor planning. Amateurs sneak candy in their purses or coat-pockets. pfft! Let me tell you, there is nothing better than eating a foot long Subway sandwich while mocking Kristen Stewart.
* Be a Critic - The previews are the best part. You get a glance of ten movies you'll never actually have time to see, but promise yourself that you will. Everyone judges how awesome or horrible that movie will be based on those 15 second clips. Then they vocalize those opinions to the person next to them.
* Double Vision - if you loved the movie the first time, you'll love it the second time. And you'll love it better as you mock it with your friends. I've had some of the greatest times watching horrible movies with amazing friends.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Working Girl

I'm back in Georgia for the summer. I took an internship with the law firm I worked for back in college; instead of being another numbered 1L in Boston, I'm getting lots of personalized attention. Rich has put me in charge of a couple of cases, have me draft responses and motions, and compile research. Lots and LOTS of research.

Also, I get to spend some time with Mom, Dad, and the Bro. I missed my Bro. Living with him was so fun and we became pretty close. Good times. I'm also a bridesmaid in an amazing wedding this summer! One of my dearest and oldest friends is getting married to an amazing guy. I'm so excited for them both because they deserve every happiness in the world. All the bridesmaids are in The Brain Trust, so every shower and party will be A-mazing.

And the bridesmaid dress is freaking cute, let me tell ya.

Anyway...I admit I did a piss-poor job of keeping everyone updated in my day-to-day life in law school. Hell, I didn't even attempt to update anyone about significant life changes this year.
In short: Life of a 1L is the worst experience of your life. Law school is Hell. If you care about the happiness, mental and physical health, and self-worth of your loved ones...discourage them from going to law school.

Which brings me back to this internship and my current day-to-day life.

This is my life
I come into work at 8:30 (give or take 5 minutes), plop my bag on the filing cabinet, and go to the office kitchenette for some coffee. They have a Keurig machine, but it doesn't make enough coffee for me; however, I feel it's rude to get seconds from the office coffee stash, so I just supplement a Coca-Cola around 10:30am. 
I may be an intern, but I prop my feet like a partner.

I check e-mail, facebook, blogs, and CNN.com until 9:15am when I cannot avoid the pile of work before me anymore. Then I start reading. I'm doing a lot of research of a handful of cases currently. The cases are pretty dry (fact-wise and legal-wise). They mostly deal with not-so-smart people making sketchy choices about lots of money, which they don't have, and then avoiding payment when whatever failed business or real estate venture fell through.

I eat lunch around 1pm. Because it takes most of my 30 minute lunch-break to drive through traffic and I'm broke as a law student with an unpaid summer internship, I brown-bag my lunch. Sometimes I eat with the other paralegals and receptionist. Sometimes I eat at my desk. The lawyers never eat; they just go out for another smoke break and eat a handful of pistachio nuts. I kid you not.

I prefer eating at my desk. Because I'm on my lunch-break, I don't feel guilty about more e-mailing, facebook stalking, and blogging. Or jamming to one of my playlists. Or taking an insane about of self-portraits with my iPhone.
Don't judge. You make the duck face, too.
Then I sigh, take out my earbuds, and log back onto LexisNexis. Rich may have me draft a letter or a motion which has to be mailed out TODAY. Or he may send me to any of the surrounding counties to file a document with the court. Otherwise, I read and watch the clock until 5pm.

My office is located in the back of the building. It's the former office of Andrew, an associate lawyer, who left last year. Then it turned into the dumping ground of old, but open, cases. Regardless, I have my own computer, printer, filing cabinet, and phone. I have a nice view of the trees and shrubbery. I have a coat rack which I'm excessively excited about. I keep a spare black jacket and a pair of black pumps in my office. I have two big desks, one with the computer and one to scatter my papers everywhere. And a big, blue leather office chair. 
Not a bad set-up if I do say so myself. 

So that's my day from Monday to Friday. It's plushy, structured, but not terribly interesting. Sigh Such is the life of a legal intern. 

Stay tuned for more office adventures! I'm contemplating a post about twenty-something fashion in the workplace and reflections of the South after a year in New England. So y'all come back now, ya hear?