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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Adventures in Babysitting

One of the many things about moving so far from home is missing my family. Christmas break has flown by. I missed Southern cooking, Chik-fil-A, church, the weather, the accents, and the people. I missed my large extended family and friends that I've known forever. And this year, we had SEVERAL new members to the family. Of my seven second cousins on my dad's side, three were under a year old. All seven are under seven years old. So there was lots of toys and coloring and crying and exhausted parents.

One of the perks of being the cool, older cousin who lives out of town is all the toys I can play with when I babysit.

Case in point: Ruthie's Justin Bieber doll.

Justin sings "One Less Lonely Girl" and comes with his own guitar!
Mobs of tween fans and the their moms not included.

Because I'm the coolest cousin ever, we held a Justin Bieber concert for her Barbies. The stage is constructed with Tinker Toys and pipe cleaners. Ruthie got the new Barbie RV Camper, so that became Justin's tour bus. He invited Skipper, Stacie, and big sister Barbie (or mom. Seriously, Matel? Who's heard of a 40 year old with teenage sisters?) backstage. Why wish for a dream house when you can have a world tour?

Please note that the dog was bored. He's a BSB and NKOTB fan.

Of course, no tour bus is complete without a hammock! 

Girls, here's my advice: never say never.

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