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Monday, June 11, 2012

Working Girl

I'm back in Georgia for the summer. I took an internship with the law firm I worked for back in college; instead of being another numbered 1L in Boston, I'm getting lots of personalized attention. Rich has put me in charge of a couple of cases, have me draft responses and motions, and compile research. Lots and LOTS of research.

Also, I get to spend some time with Mom, Dad, and the Bro. I missed my Bro. Living with him was so fun and we became pretty close. Good times. I'm also a bridesmaid in an amazing wedding this summer! One of my dearest and oldest friends is getting married to an amazing guy. I'm so excited for them both because they deserve every happiness in the world. All the bridesmaids are in The Brain Trust, so every shower and party will be A-mazing.

And the bridesmaid dress is freaking cute, let me tell ya.

Anyway...I admit I did a piss-poor job of keeping everyone updated in my day-to-day life in law school. Hell, I didn't even attempt to update anyone about significant life changes this year.
In short: Life of a 1L is the worst experience of your life. Law school is Hell. If you care about the happiness, mental and physical health, and self-worth of your loved ones...discourage them from going to law school.

Which brings me back to this internship and my current day-to-day life.

This is my life
I come into work at 8:30 (give or take 5 minutes), plop my bag on the filing cabinet, and go to the office kitchenette for some coffee. They have a Keurig machine, but it doesn't make enough coffee for me; however, I feel it's rude to get seconds from the office coffee stash, so I just supplement a Coca-Cola around 10:30am. 
I may be an intern, but I prop my feet like a partner.

I check e-mail, facebook, blogs, and CNN.com until 9:15am when I cannot avoid the pile of work before me anymore. Then I start reading. I'm doing a lot of research of a handful of cases currently. The cases are pretty dry (fact-wise and legal-wise). They mostly deal with not-so-smart people making sketchy choices about lots of money, which they don't have, and then avoiding payment when whatever failed business or real estate venture fell through.

I eat lunch around 1pm. Because it takes most of my 30 minute lunch-break to drive through traffic and I'm broke as a law student with an unpaid summer internship, I brown-bag my lunch. Sometimes I eat with the other paralegals and receptionist. Sometimes I eat at my desk. The lawyers never eat; they just go out for another smoke break and eat a handful of pistachio nuts. I kid you not.

I prefer eating at my desk. Because I'm on my lunch-break, I don't feel guilty about more e-mailing, facebook stalking, and blogging. Or jamming to one of my playlists. Or taking an insane about of self-portraits with my iPhone.
Don't judge. You make the duck face, too.
Then I sigh, take out my earbuds, and log back onto LexisNexis. Rich may have me draft a letter or a motion which has to be mailed out TODAY. Or he may send me to any of the surrounding counties to file a document with the court. Otherwise, I read and watch the clock until 5pm.

My office is located in the back of the building. It's the former office of Andrew, an associate lawyer, who left last year. Then it turned into the dumping ground of old, but open, cases. Regardless, I have my own computer, printer, filing cabinet, and phone. I have a nice view of the trees and shrubbery. I have a coat rack which I'm excessively excited about. I keep a spare black jacket and a pair of black pumps in my office. I have two big desks, one with the computer and one to scatter my papers everywhere. And a big, blue leather office chair. 
Not a bad set-up if I do say so myself. 

So that's my day from Monday to Friday. It's plushy, structured, but not terribly interesting. Sigh Such is the life of a legal intern. 

Stay tuned for more office adventures! I'm contemplating a post about twenty-something fashion in the workplace and reflections of the South after a year in New England. So y'all come back now, ya hear?  

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