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Monday, June 25, 2012

Mix-tape Monday: Why Aren't You My Boyfriend?

Whew! I haven't had a proper Cora-has-a-day-all-to-herself since I came back to Georgia. Every weekday is work and each weekend is packed with social events. We finally have a hearing tomorrow about my first case this summer; I have to turn in a petition for a motion for summary judgement first thing in the morning for Rich to review. I also had a jam packed weekend (which deserves its own blog later in the week) which left no time for contracts and short sales. 

In short, I deserve an afternoon of Doctor Who and wine and trolling Pinterest. 

My Timelord boyfriend just broke up with me via hologram...
Regardless, I am adamant to be more consistent with this blog. I really want to make Mix-tape Mondays a regular thing. Here's my playlist when I'm emotionally needy, but not quite desperate enough for an actual relationship...aka the "Why Aren't You My Boyfriend?" playlist. I've included the lyrics which I rewind over and over. Did I mention that I have a thing for sensitive singer-songwriters?
  • "Church Clothes" by Matt Nathanson ~ What I wear like church clothes / you wear just like jewelry / all the simple things you revel in / they just suffocate me
  • "Lost Myself in Search of You" by Matt Nathanson ~ And as you slipped away / I found myself lost in search of you
  • "Counting to 100" by Matt Wertz ~ So you go I hide / and I'll come seek / maybe someday in the middle / we just might meet
  • "Pretty Girl" by David Ryan Harris ~ You are the book that I want to read / in braille, cover to cover
  • "Somewhere Only We Know" by Keane ~  Oh simple thing where have you gone? / I'm getting old and I need something to rely on
  • "Work" by Jimmy Eat World ~ Work and play are never okay / to mix the way we do
  • "Tiny Dancer" by Ben Folds ~  Looking on she sings the songs / the words she knows, the tune she hums 
  • "Baby Blue Eyes" by A Rocket to the Moon ~  And I may feel like a fool / but I'm the only one dancing with you 
  • "Come On Get Higher" by Matt Nathanson ~ So come one get higher, loosen my lips / faith and desire and the sway of your hips
  • "Save Room" by John Legand ~  Just a little bit of love / is worth a moment of your time
  • "Her Morning Elegance" by Oren Lavie ~  And she fights for her life / as she puts on her coat . and sh fights for her life on the train 
  • "Do You Realize" by The Flaming Lips ~ Do you realize / that happiness makes you cry?

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